Older Puppies

We have 4 puppies available for their new homes now. They were born on Dec.10th. They are already crate trained, doing well with house/potty training; and have begun socialization and leash training. They will mature to around 22 inches tall; 3 chocolate and 1 black. They are sweet, social puppies with a nice calm temperament. See the
Available Puppies page for more details.



As a registered breeder in Ontario who specializes in breeding medium and standard size Australian Labradoodle puppies, Ontario’s Maple Grove Australian Labradoodles produces labradoodle puppies of the highest quality. Our puppies make excellent family pets as well as therapy dogs or service dogs. We have been breeding Australian Labradoodles since 2010 and we breed between 2-4 litters a year which allows us to spend lots of time focusing on raising and socializing our puppies. Our labradoodle puppies are all born and raised right in our living room so they are used to family life, noise, and lots of cuddles right from birth.

Our Labradoodle parents are all health tested to make sure our puppies are healthy and happy. Our Australian Labradoodle puppies all come with a 3 year health guarantee as well as a temperament evaluation. This ensures that our puppies will make wonderful companions; either as a family pet or as a service dog  or a therapy dog.  Our puppies' families  love the soft, non-shedding coats of their Australian Labradoodle puppies, but most of all they love their friendly, outgoing and laid back temperaments.

We are currently accepting applications. We can match you with the perfect labradoodle puppy for your family.

What makes a Labradoodle Australian?

Labs and Poodles were first bred together in Australia to create a non-shedding dog with service/therapy qualities. There, the term"labradoodle" was coined. Other countries followed suit, breeding hybrid crosses. American labradoodles have only the Labrador and Poodle parent breeds in them. They may be early generation or multi-generational.

Two breeding and research centres in Australia started working with these hybrids to increase the quality and consistency of their traits. They did outcrosses with Irish Water Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels to improve the boning and size of the dogs as well as the quality of the coat.
Australian labradoodles are dogs that have 3 or more of these parent breeds in their ancestry.

About Us

I am a nurse, and my husband and our 2 children live in St.Thomas, just outside of London, Ontario. We are all dog lovers and my husband and I have owned dogs most of our lives. I have always had an interest in animal husbandry and have bred fish and butterflies in the past.

Our first family dog passed away when the children were very young after a wonderful 13 year life. We missed her dearly. We delayed getting another dog since our children both have special needs. Our son has Asperger's syndrome. Once the children were older and in school, we really missed having a dog around. I contemplated  getting a service dog for our son but I really wanted a dog that did not shed. Through research, I found the Australian
Labradoodle. My husband and I decided we did not want a full service dog but we wanted a very special family pet.

After reading the history and ongoing development of this special breed, I chose to take part in the continued development of the Australian Labradoodle. We have 2
Australian Labradoodles that live with us and more that live in  guardian homes and we absolutely love them.


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Proud recipients of The Silver & Gold paw rewards for achieving the highest standards of health testing of our breeding dogs

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